Majority of Indian students are preferring to study in top Colleges in Canada, so simpler and faster visa processing has been introduced in Canada for student visas. A recent news of June cleared that a new program has been introduced which can reduce the processing time to 45 days instead of 60 days earlier.

Stop waiting and start browsing for the top Canadian Colleges and Universities. Also check the recent updates while looking for the educational institutes. It will help you to know about the location as well as university. George Brown College and Fanshawe College are the famous colleges of Canada where students can apply for certificate, apprenticeship, degree and diploma level courses easily.

Reason to Study in Canada:

  • 90+ public funded University.
  • Internationally recognized high quality education.
  • Affordable Tuition fee and Living Expenses
  • Less Documentation
  • PR options Available

Best Colleges in Canada:

Centennial College is the first Community College of Toronto, in which discovering knowledge will be a memorable experience for you. It offers courses in engineering technology, communication, business etc. which makes it one of the top most choices of international students.

In Niagara College, students have various course options in full-time and part-time programs. Moreover, Seneca College and Fleming College also provide plethora of industry-oriented study programs to pursue your goals as well.

Students can sit relax after applying for Northern College. Its health science and business courses offer opportunities to Indian students to settle there after the completion of their course. Before selecting any course, visit the best consultants for study visa like Frontera immigration, where an experienced staff is always ready to guide you more about education prospects of different courses.

Canadian Education System

The Canadian education system is subdivided into these parts:

  • Certificate, (Duration: 1 year)
  • Diploma (Duration: 1-2 years)
  • Advanced Diploma (Duration: 2-3 years)
  • Bachelor degrees (Duration: 4 years)
  • Post-graduate courses (Duration: 1-2 years)
  • PHD (Duration: 4-7 years)

Procedure to Apply for Canadian Study Visa

These are some steps that you should follow for the process of getting a Canadian Study Visa.

Step 1: To Apply for admission in the Colleges and Universities of Canada

A valid offer letter is must before applying for Canadian Student Visa. Many Colleges and Universities in Canada are offering admissions to International students in multiple courses with great facilities. Choose any College according to your requirement and get all reports about the College in terms of Education quality, ranking, course structure, course fee and other facilities for International Students. Then, apply in your favorite College with all essential documents. Wait until your offer letter is received.

Step 2: Pay Tuition Fee

Then, students have to pay the tuition fee after getting offer letter from the Canadian Institutes, as mentioned in the offer letter. After that, institutions will issue a receipt of fee-receiving and processing tuition fee payment. This receipt will be required for further procedure of visa application.

Step 3: Purchase of GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)

Then for the further procedure, students have to purchase GIC from the Bank- Nova Scotia. The amount of GIC is $10,000 CAD which covers living expenses of first year. As a first installment, students have to pay $200 as administrative charges of Nova Scotia Bank. Then, students get $2000 immediately after arriving Canada. After that, students get $8,000 in 12 equal installments as their living expenses for every month.

Step 4: Undertake Medicals

Now student will require to undertake a medical examination by one of the doctors, approved by the Canadian Government. Then you will get a medical receipt which you will need to submit at the time of lodging your visa application. Then your medical report will be transferred to Visa Office automatically.

Step 5: Lodgement of Visa Application

You must provide all the required documents to lodge your visa application. The list of required documents is:

Visa Application Form


Family Information Form

Offer letter from Canadian Institute

Evidence of Language Proficiency Test

Academic Documents


Tuition Fee payment proof etc.